An evening around the great tipi field fire

Blessed by rainbows

Lys Lily Wild
3 min readJun 29, 2022


Journeys beyond the cancer seas.

There were six of them I think, epic rainbows high above the festival site over the course of the ten days I was there. Adding to the magic of this magnificent celebration of life that is Glastonbury festival. If I look to my peripheral vision I can see brass and silver cogs of great time. Ticking and turning, waiting and moving. Listening for the moment. For the zest of a nod to the future. Tettering in the balance, where once we stand in our former lives and the cogs shift and we are shuttled to that next new paradigm.

Here in this time cog machine, new eras are made for us. As we look back upon what has been left, we see that it no longer fits. People, places, the doings and beings in our world changes. We will never be the same again in that cog turn moment. And Glastonbury feels to me like such a moment.

Some would say that a festival is just a hedonistic playground, where debauchery and high shenanigans lead the way. I am not going to deny this in any way, because its the truth. And yet underneath that more obvious face, there are synchronicities at play, an alignment of purpose and a new sense of being. The land speaks in its hushed tones, seeping into our bones as we delight in the very much real castle in the sky.

It grows from nothing, into the finest display of human creativity. From circus to dance, music to craft. Everything is available. Pasture for cattle into dreams for us all. Often I have thought of the fray to be like a magical fairy gathering, and in so being it pulls us back to our deepest connection. Both with the earth and with each other.

After the past few years of Covid and my cancer treatments the festival was a treasure. A time out of time to be held with each other. The greatest take away for me was the deepening connections with local community, a gift of enduring quality. Around the heart fire in the tipi field I found kinship and warmth that touched my bones and soul. To say it was rich is an understatement. It was no less than profound for me to be around so many luscious and wonderful folk. I feel blessed.

That fire is worth a second mention, because it gave a home for me to gravitate toward after the sometimes 10mile trek across a wonder-filled site. There was always a friendly face, and often a musical moment. Laughter and companionship. Love and the sheer joy of being alive. I stayed awake til dawn much of the festival held sway by the pull of those three tree trunks that fed into that fire. Mesmerised by the enduring flames, moments upon moments unfolding.

Im home now, here writing this as I feel into the new version of me. You see on the first day of the festivities I found out I have been offered a publishing deal for my book about my journey over the cancer seas. Seems a writer has been truly born this solstice festival. I will need to look into the contract and if I take it I will need to do some fund raising as its a hybrid deal. But, and I will take the moment and hold it proud.

Silver linings and gold at the end of rainbows, both truly exist it would seem.



Lys Lily Wild

We are all at once both storm and shine.