Happy shities

Lys Lily Wild
3 min readApr 25, 2022


My journey beyond the cancer seas.

Yes, you read it right, I am here to wish you all happy shities! Hopefully it will bring a smile to your faces. It had me and my friend in side splitting laughter a few evenings ago, when I misheard her and thought she had uttered the phrase. And on from that we recounted more shit induced humour until the tears were running down our faces. I guess you had to be there. Yet on reflection the sentiment is profound in its irreverence.

I have never been one for worrying about the odd swear word, in fact I do believe that there is deep truth in the idea that people who swear are more honest. Its something to do with offering the immediate response to a given situation, rather than the well constructed one. And lets face it, sometimes swear words are infinitely more appropriate. Reflecting on life through the lens of humour, be it crude or any other, is often the only useful medicine.

To come back to the present scenario and the happy shities sentiment I will elucidate further. You see, aside from it being humorous it is a very appropriate phrase for me. At present I am hauled up in my friends home in a very beautiful village in the midst of the countryside, in recuperation from breast cancer. How idyllic. Indeed it is, until one takes away my vehicle owing to rats deciding to eat the rubber on my injection pump. Yes, apparently it is a thing, who knew, not me until now! Anyhow, the vehicle is gone and the scenario becomes one of enforced time in and around the home space, dealing with my unfinished shit, so to speak.

You know, the unfinished editing, picture, or project. The thick layer of grime on the windows from winter past. The seeds begging to be potted, or the plants to be rehomed in bigger pots. The time needed to recover well from an intense sinusitis tinnitus episode. The endless machinations and intricacies of a life well lived. And in this resides that timely phrase. That being to find happiness in the shit, the challenge and the difficulty. To carry on regardless and to reset our goals, when outside influences come to chew through the life lines of our existence and ability to move into our world.

I have a recollection, and please forgive me if its just a mental construct from my rather odd mind. Anyhow, I have a recollection that I saw a documentary about the Dalai Llama in which he was asked how he leads a healthy life. He recounted his waking time, meditations, simple food and contemplative nature, and then I recall him talking of not straining when going to the toilet as being a very important thing. Now, as I said, it may have been my ripe imagination that remembers this. Yet, whether or not he did say it, it links into the idea of happy shities.

When our proverbial shit hits the fan of our lives, can we find something to be happy about? Do we strain to push it all away in favour of a seeming perfect life? Can we emulate those beautiful lilies that trail their roots into the shit at the bottom of the pond?

As the Dalai Llama wishes all being be happy and free from suffering.

I hope you find your day is filled with happy shities.



Lys Lily Wild

We are all at once both storm and shine.