Hush, I have a secret.

Lys Lily Wild
2 min readMar 7, 2024

There is a soft secret that's entered my world.

It whispers to me in the evening as I'm resisting sleep like a reluctant teenager.

It nudges me awake in the morning and I find myself standing bleary eyed pulling on socks.

Out the door I go, flask, journal, sheepskin and an orange.

Into a melting light. Misty, bird full and cold with the squelch of the slip slide mud under my wellies.

I yawn.

My legs are tired but waking, my breath is inspired.

All around spring is stirring, I can see the buds in the half light shadow of the trudging hillside.

My breath becomes steamy hard now as I command the summit.

I have made it. I am here.

I stand, snug under my hooded coat watching with hands in pockets to see if the curtain will open for the show to begin.

A moment.


Clouds are forming in the sky. I wonder is it rain I smell as I sniff the dank air.

No mind. Right now its clear enough.

I wait with the hushed silence of everthing.

Above me the swish of the starlings enters my brain.


Then it's come.

Speechless and open mouthed my words dropped onto the puddled floor.

Before me those first fingerings shafts of light grapple the moody fields.

The sun has come.

And with it comes the softest hue an eye can behold. Indigo, pink, mauve, tangerine.

A palette of delicate joy shimmering across the lightening sky.

The birds raise their voices in glorious crescendo.

My soft secret.

It can be yours too.

The simple splendour of sunrise.

Some days it's clouds and rain, cold and unforgiving.

You'll never know unless you push yourself out that door whether your awe will be inspired.

It's worth it. Magic exists some place between the hush and rise of the sun.

Trust me.


See for yourself what the day wants to gift you with when she can break free of the clouds.

That treasure is real.

My secret is out, who else knows?