Playing with time.

Lys Lily Wild
3 min readMay 2, 2023

My journey beyond the cancer seas.

I finally got it today.

Its taken me the past few weeks to untangle and get back in front of the page to write this blog. Again! Yes, again. I wrote the original blog post and it fell into the abyss of the lost after my computer crashed just as I was saving it. I didn’t let it get to me at the time, it was after all one of those things that happens, annoying though it is. Though I confess it has deterred me from writing another piece until today, partly because I just couldn’t move on to another blog until this one had tugged free. And yet, I couldn’t pull together the strands of what I had said in that piece. Laughable now I understand how the concepts I had been wrangling with in the original blog, defy that very process!

The original blog concept and indeed the theme for this blog, is to do with play and our relationship to it. Not our relationship from the time of our childhood, rather our relationship as adults. How do we attend this energy? Do we perceive it as necessary in our lives? I believe the very nature of play is creation for its own sake, where the flow of our imagination leads the way. Sometimes things are created, sometimes they are not, but we are suffused by an innate joy as we tend this need. Herein lies my original blog, lost to the ethers, like a sand mandala in the wind. My moment of creative play, poised in that moment and no other.

I was in a conversation recently around the theme of distraction and focus and I found myself laying out the need for play time as an antidote to our over stimulated and distracted minds. We are all aware of the need for break moments in busy schedules. But when was the last time you did your breaktime with a silly voice commentary? Or skip into the bathroom as fast as you can to beat your imaginary friend? Daft as these suggestions sound, they really do add a level of abandon to the adulting of the day. The sparkle on the leaf as the sun catches it, so to speak.

We grow older and more contained. More serious. Life does that.

Yet, does it need to be like this?

These days I am all about changing the given narrative. And the innocence of playing with our time lends itself to expanding the richness of that time. I contest that in years to come you will remember the moments you allowed yourself to be silly and joyful just for the sake of it over and above the deadlines and to do lists. Hell, those moments are likely to make the work more productive. Life is after all a series of moments, so if you have limited time in your day for free time, make the moments you do have count. Make them colourful moments, fill them with sound. Make them playful.

And ask yourself this. In this pursuit of time sensitive deadlines where are you in the cycle of your time? Where are you in the cycle of your life? How is what you are doing serving your precious self here on earth?

If you peel back the layers of time as we know it, underneath is the beating heart of all existence. The concept of time is a construct laid down to give you structure to your birth, growth, life and death on this earth. Its a very human concept. Beyond that, in the space underneath, is the earth in this vast galaxy. The more joy and play we bring to our own lives the more in time with the flow of creation we are.

Play time or playing with time is as crucial then as is living.