The beauty of women.

Lys Lily Wild
3 min readApr 18, 2022


My journey beyond the cancer seas

There is a thrum that runs through the world, made up of fierce loyalty and deep understanding. A place where emotional richness and nurturing are found whatever the life path chosen. It has been my honour to be a part of this abundant veinof potency throughout my life. It is my honour to be, to know and to be known by so many women.

In some ways it is almost harder to write a piece about all of my sistren out there. In some ways teasing out the elusive men and their kindness in last weeks blog was easier. And this has me pondering. Why would it be more challenging to thank all my women? Why is it harder to write this piece? I am still not 100% certain, yet I can feel the tickle of awareness that it is because so many of us are so ordinarily extraordinary in our females bones. And thus it is just what we do when the going gets tough. Women are amazing. Trying to step back and look at the gender that is mine is hard, yet through my friends I can tease out those magical offerings given in the normalcy of any day.

My thanks goes out to the sisters that held me throughout this year on the cancer seas. To the you who took it in your stride as you gathered me and my cat into your home and fed me love on the plate with each evening meal. To the sea of you that patiently tended my transport needs to hospital, gently teasing out a smile and offering such reassurance in my hour of desolate need. To the ones who messaged daily. The others who called regularly. The ones who helped in practical ways. To the one who walked the shamanic lands and helped call in my guides with me. To the one who stood with me at the beginning of the journey all the way through, never faltering to offer deep wisdom and grounded solace in spite of your own challenges. I see you all, I am you all. I am humbled by how especially amazing women are when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

As with my brothers, I could not have done this without you all. It took a skip and a beat to understand how many of you were out there wanting to help me, to hold me and to steer me back. To say I owe you my life is an understatement. Something in me has shifted. Not just the cancer being gone. There is a peace in my core. A surrender and an understanding that I am held and that there is a safety net. If you look closely it is comprised of hundreds of women and men holding each other in this thing we call life. When a heartfelt plea for support goes out, as it did with me in Dec 2020, an orchestra of response comes back.

But here is the thing, if we don’t reach out, then we don’t give each other the grace to reach back.

I was an untrusting soul who believed she did not fit in any particular place. So I travelled far and widened my circle, always seeking. What I discovered is that I did indeed fit, in every place. And the love that I had sown came back. We all sow love as we live. With my women it is in those simple heart meeting moments. I am glad I gave you all the opportunity to reflect to me what it is to be my version of woman.

To be a woman sailing through the cancer seas.

And now to be a women on the other side, building her best life with you all in it.



Lys Lily Wild

We are all at once both storm and shine.