The long sigh of relief.

Lys Lily Wild
2 min readFeb 16, 2023

My journey beyond the cancer seas.

It’s taken a good few hours and the kind ministrations of a dear friend to finally be able to breathe out a long sigh of relief.

I thought I was going in for a follow up scan today, to then have a week wait for results.

I thought it was on the mastectomy side and possible scar tissue.

We all know what thought did.

Turns out it was an small area of concern picked up in my remaining breast from the mammogram.

Shit, for that I hadn’t prepared. Thank God my friend was here with me. I’m so grateful you were all out there thinking of me too.

I say it again, please don’t go to do these exams alone. Please get support Even with all my preparations I could not have anticipated this scenario or that the results would be given verbally today

The great news is that my remaining breast is clear. Likely nothing more than a cyst. The consultant showed me the scans and took time to explain them in depth. She said to keep vigilant, but that I am clear for another year. Second year all clear. Second year.

I held my friends hand throughout.

Thank you. Thank you.

I’m going to wash away the story and rest now. Later I will dance in celebration.

I feel blessed to be alive.

I’m clear. That’s huge.

I love you all. So so much